Femitokon is a sci-fi series about the dynastic struggles of an operative named Sofita Kul. Inside her body is a phasic-armor called the Femitokon Shell that communicates in its previous host’s voice, her dead twin, Fusada Kul. Slated to rule Ramaxia in her sister’s place, Sofita must contend with her homicidal parent, the current Primary, Fusa Kul, who would sooner kill Sofita than hand over control.

    Sofita’s allies are destined to rule by her side: Laxum Jyr, Pitana Dag, Eppis Banto, Velto Wram, and Fyla Uym; each has a maker on Ramaxia’s ruling Committee, and like their Primary, they’ve no intention of stepping down.


    Femitokon began life with its own world-building wiki. First-draft posts based on the world and characters from the online series bible were written and uploaded once a month to Patreon in 2018, and then Gumroad in 2019. After earning enough funds for a professional edit, episodes were removed and revised for official eBook release.

    Series Writer: Tina Anderson
    Character Concepts: Amelie Belcher
    Promo & Cover Arts: Daniel Hurtado



    Complete list of written episodes with original post date and current availability.

    • Suffocation arc (novella)
    • Tactical Pursuits arc (novel)
      • Episode Four [Preview] (Patreon 10/2018)
      • Episode Five (Removed) (Patreon 1/2019)
      • Episode Six (Removed) (Patreon 3/2019)
      • Episode Seven (Removed) (Patreon 5/2019)
      • Episode Eight (Removed) (Patreon 7/2019)
      • Collected Release [Upcoming] [7/2021]
    • Tribal Warfare arc (novella)
      • Episode Nine (Removed) (Patreon 10/2019)
      • Episode Ten (Removed) (Patreon 12/2019)
      • Episode Eleven (Removed) (Patreon 1/2020)
    • Rakan arc (novella)
      • Episode Twelve (Removed) (Gumroad 2/2020)
      • Episode Thirteen (Removed) (Gumroad 4/2020)
        • Hiatus to focus on collected editions
      • Episode Fourteen (First Draft 100%)
    • Permanent Stain arc (novel)
      • Episode Fifteen (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Sixteen (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Seventeen (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Eighteen (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Nineteen (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Twenty (First Draft 100%)
    • Memory Kill (novella) (First Draft 60%)
    • Ascension (series final)
      • Episode Twenty-One (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Twenty-Two (First Draft 100%)
      • Episode Twenty-Three (First Draft 20%)
      • Episode Twenty-Four (First Draft 0%)
      • Episode Twenty-Five (First Draft 0%)
      • Episode Twenty-Six (First Draft 0%)