Episode 2 – First Ten – 2

Sofita had exiled herself to Orta, while Laxum Jyr chose the Kuril Trench.

Nine months after Fusada’s death, Jyr, then-Representative of Utama, unleashed a political cyclone during a live broadcast of the Cloister Citizenry-Session. On a quest to dismantle the Balanced Citizenry Act, she put forward a motion to dismiss its creator, Fifth Office, Wox Dag, on the grounds of ethical ineligibility.

Met with a fierce rebuke from the Ruling Platform, Jyr declared Dag emotionally unfit to draft law with an opening statement detailing Dag’s underhanded dealings as Secondary Chair of the Generational Production Department.

Sernatae Yir Gizul reminded Jyr that CM Dag paid for those ethical missives during the Sixth’s reign. To this, Jyr produced a recording of Dag’s violent reaction to learning that Faltrix had halted her euthanizing males. Rounds of supporting whistles from the Chamber spurred Jyr to introduce another recording, revealing a secret division within World Oceans.

Jyr replayed an audio recording that featured journalist Koba Julo speaking to an operative from something called, The Femitokon Division, a covert group whose sole purpose was to terminate males outside the scope of Femtrux.

The operative’s revelation hadn’t been as scandalous as her detailing a transition from another secret unit called Terminal Sabotage; only the Primary, her First Officer, and select Orta chairs knew of the Sorority of Defense in those days.

Outraged, the Sernatae demanded an explanation.

Primary Kul and First Office Uym admitted to the existence of Terminal Sabotage yet claimed ignorance of any Femitokon Division. When given a chance, CM Dag turned the tables on Jyr by challenging the recording’s validity. Fourth Office, Tee Banto, seconded her challenge and demanded access to the operative on record.

After a series of motions and counters, Jyr reluctantly revealed Komadon Fusada Kul to be the recorded agent. Sernatae Gizul declared a Sessional Recess, and during this two-hour pause, issued warrants for all citizens working in this Femitokon Division.

Later in the day, the Cloister reconvened with Wox Dag delivering a prepared statement: ‘The Femitokon Division exists to enforce the Balance Citizenry Act. Divisional agents seek out males hiding amongst the citizenry and males that have fled Ramaxia for life between the poles. All males collected without incident face Isolation for their illegal existence.’

Unsatisfied, the Chamber demanded witness testimony.

Every member of the Femitokon Division, including civilians, testified to their daily operations in open Cloister. Not one agent, lifeform handler, or Primada officer would validate anything said by Fusada Kul. Division leader, Primepromad Tyle Hibz, claimed that no males existed anymore in Ramaxia. She went on record asserting Fusada Kul’s mental state compromised by an experimental shell-energy in her body.

Sernatae Gizul aversely dismissed Jyr’s motion to remove Dag. Post-session, the press confronted Fourth Office Rasa Jyr about CR Jyr’s accusations against CM Dag. Rasa responded by declaring her Tenth-Gen heir unfit for political office.

Laxum Jyr was many things—unfit for politics wasn’t one of them. However, on the last Cloister Session of 2213, Jyr executed an administrative temper tantrum by stepping down as CR of Utama.

At that time, citizen opinion polls blamed Rasa for speaking ill of her donation, but their discontent was short, and the regal hizak’s standing would rebound.

Wox Dag’s reputation never recovered. Her legacy as the first bizak to serve on a ruling-gen committee was forever tarnished by the Femitokon Division; to this day, citizens still referred to her as Clasper-Killer Wox.


“There she is, Orny!” Fuzo cried. “It’s been a fucking hour. You’d think with how hung up she was on the tide going out, she wouldn’t go wandering off.”

“I agree,” said the Ornith. “Should we inform the Komad of our sentiment?”

“No, that’s between you and me, Orny.”

Onscreen, the Komad paddled her way into the damaged apartment.

“May I inquire something of an unofficial nature, Dox?”

“Depends on how unofficial.”

“Have you ceased liking me, Dox?”

Fuzo glanced at the ceiling.

“Who says I don’t like you?”

“Your recent behavior indicates an active dislike.”

Fuzo swallowed hard.

“You have my back, and I got yours, right?”

“We are mission partners.”

“That’s right,” Fuzo barked. “Friends until death, or reassignment!”

Kul’s voice filled the cabin. “Burn it, Donmat,” 

After the Komad swam clear of the structure, Fuzo enacted the Chemotaxic-Cytosizer. The water outside fizzed as microscopic cells devoured every spec of organic debris. Behind her, Kul splashed up from the hatch, sans her silver uniform.

“Cell-toaster says ninety-eight percent disintegration.”

“The shark took most of him,” Kul pinched her nose before pushing air out it. “Bumo absconded with the rest, leading me to believe there’s a connection to this shark attack.”

Fuzo avoided looking at Kul’s naked torso.

“Your middle-toe is the largest,” she noticed.

“My toes proportionately descend from the middle,” Kul used that middle tow and tapped the circular pad on the floor, causing a free-standing operations-console to rise.

“Like Femitokon and Fusofitakil?” she asked.

“And Fusada Kul,” the Komad’s heavy suzsch bounced when she waved her muscular arm over the rising console. Orta training built up her chest muscles, making her large fronts prominent, but Kul wasn’t a marix, and her uzxi lines ran distractingly over each globe. “What are you staring at now, Donmat?”

“When you get punched in the fronts,” she stammered. “Does it hurt?”

“Not as much as it’s going to hurt you if you keep gawking at mine!”

Fuzo crossed her arms over her chest; marixi fronts were tender lumps of muscle, not fatty-tissue. When a donat, she often butted heads with a mouthy bizak at her caste-center. One day, after the bizzy made her angry and six-year-old Fuzo shoved her to the ground, she shot up and punched Fuzo’s right frontal, sending Fuzo to her knees in blinding pain.

“Why are we born with our most vulnerable parts out in front of us?”

“So that the rest of us can protect ourselves,” Kul’s steely eyes found hers. “Are you finished lamenting the sum of your parts?”